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The title came to me thinking how things can get twisted around.

Sometimes, starlight twisters originate from your sisters. They wouldn't tell a single soul about the secrets that you've shared. Knowing this, confiding in them makes me feel trusted, safe, and secure. Finding out that my trust has been violated, a starlight twister appears, breaking all the confidentiality that tied us together. What happened? I was hurt. It was a stunning feeling of openness that was out there in the world for all to hear. My ability to find out why this had happened, was wrecked by the emotion of it all. It was beyond belief. I was embarrassed because I felt that I was exposed to other people. I began to think that I wasn't liked.

As the days go on, starlight twisters could turn me into tighter and tighter knots. By standing up to any insults that may come my way, I can begin to unwind the knots and start to heal. In the best way possible, I can try to explain the truth about what really happened, my part in it, whether good or bad, and wait to hear what other people are saying. Hopefully, they will understand.

Starlight twisters can appear in any way, shape, or form. Let's turn those starlight twisters into something positive. By taking a deep dark secret out of the closet that I've kept inside my head for years, I can begin to lighten up my load. To clear my conscience, I can release all the pent-up bitterness. After I do this, I can start to feel free and happy again.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, June 24, 2019
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