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a brief history of the god's
When the time was new and the world was young, a race of beings we called Gods arrived here. They were refugees from their world and forced to make our world their new home.
Why? no one really knows. They won't really talk much about it, for whatever the reasons were, they avoided it.
When they arrived here they found a new race of beings, very uneducated, very primal and animalistic in nature. They fought often amongst themselves for food, even fought within their own little groups for the right to the food. They were so primitive that they could only communicate through a series of grunts, crude gestures, and a few groans. But they did show the new visitors that they did have the ability of great intelligence through actions.
There was a lot of the visitors that came here, they all seemed to be under the rule of a being known as Kronos. He ruled this group of creatures with an iron fist and cruelty. He was supported by a small group of his own beings. I guess you could call them his generals.
Once this group of beings found out that the early humans were easily controlled and ruled over, Kronos ordered his group to take control of the whole planet. This was an attempt to enslave the inhabitants of this new world as their servants, just as they had before in their own world.
As this ruling group gained power and strength in decimating this new race of beings, they were oblivious to the remaining parts of these visitors who were against this group doing this so cruelly and without concern for these obviously intelligent beings. They rose up against these leaders and overthrew their rule.
This group of beings imprisoned this group of beings in prison they could not escape. They called these beings titans. The new rule was headed by a group of beings, a type of a council, as it were. This council decided it would be best of the visitors spread out across the globe so they could keep watch over all the other tribes of these humans that would be spread across this new world.
These new beings took up residence among the humans and taught them how to survive. Gave them gifts of medicine, fire and other gifts that would benefit them in the future. They kept their groups safe from outsiders who would try to hurt them. They fought for them and defended them. In return for their help, the humans worshipped them as Gods.
At first, this group didn’t know how to deal with the humans worshipping them as such. They weren’t really used to it. But they found out quickly that this worshipping these humans gave them power beyond measure. They began to get power drunk on what the humans gave them.
In this respect, they were just like humans, as they found out that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Even though they were more advanced than the humans were, they were still susceptible to that just like they were. After all, they weren’t truly gods, only in the human’s eyes they were gods, but they were beginning to get used to having all that power given to them.
As time went by, they less like the benevolent beings they were and became more like the Gods they overthrew all those years ago. Some saw what they were becoming, and some didn’t. They took to fighting amongst themselves for whatever the reason.
But there was at least one of the new God’s that wanted to show the rest of the Gods that the humans they praised so much were no different than the animals they found so long ago. So, they took the dark side of humans and enhanced it. They didn’t have to find the dark side of the humans as it was already present, it just needed a little kick start to get it going. Because of the darkness, they enhanced was already there.
The problem with those who enhanced the darkness in the hearts, they had no knowledge of what that would do to the humans, or even as the chain of events played out, what would happen to the Gods themselves. If they had any idea about what they were doing, they wouldn’t have done it.
The problem was that they started the humans on the path that inevitably would lead them to not need the gods at all. That plus, it’s kind of turned the humans into something much crueler than any other creature in the universe could have been.
As a direct result of the being’s interference in the hearts of men, the use for the Gods began to fade away. And then one day the humans stopped worshipping the gods altogether. Some people say that the gods died without the humans worshipping them, but I say they didn’t die.
When the humans stopped worshipping them, they took to fighting amongst themselves. And inevitably, because most of the beings were not willing to take the life of one of their own, they simply parted ways and vanished for all appearances. Their disappearance was registered as their deaths.
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