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Pit ends up as Palutena's breakfast, and the goddess has no idea!
(Disclaimer: All characters used in this story belong to Nintendo. This story contains vore, so if that disturbs you, please do not read any further.)

It was a bright, peaceful morning in the aerial plane of existence known as Skyworld. Within the temple, the green-haired goddess of light, Palutena, sat upon her throne, completely and utterly bored. As she let out a sigh, Palutena doubted that there was anything that could amuse her...until she heard a faint gurgle that seemed to come from...somewhere. As the goddess realized the source of this growl, she blushed and put a dainty hand to her slim stomach. A proper breakfast was in order! With that, Palutena proceeded to call for her most reliable servant.


In no time flat, the brown-haired angel warrior in question rushed into the throne room, ready to serve. "Yes, Lady Palutena?"

"Would you make a nice breakfast for your goddess?"

"Say no more, I'm on it!"

Pit dashed out of the throne room and towards what looked to be a pantry full of delicious ingredients and food carts. Gathering up a bag of flour, a box of batter, some fresh fruits, and a few eggs, the angel began cooking. He began by cracking and frying the eggs, then added some flour and batter, eventually ending up with a yummy-looking stack of pancakes. Next, the angel sprinkled some cherries on top before turning his attention to a strange, pink fruit he'd left over. Shrugging, Pit stuffed the fruit in his mouth, devouring it in one bite. This turned out to be a mistake - just as he realized he'd eaten a Forbidden Apple, he blacked out.

When he came to, Pit found himself on a plate, atop the same food cart where the pancakes he cooked currently sat. Only now that cart was rolling towards the throne room - perhaps because he'd collapsed forward onto the cart. The angel tried to move, but discovered that he was unable to! He was still very much conscious and able to smell cherries, but how come he was immobile? ...that weird fruit! Eating that pink apple must've done this! He was now a tasty, succulent cherry atop the pancake stack!

Just as she was getting sick of waiting, Palutena noticed the food cart rolling to her on its own...but no sign of Pit. With a shrug, the goddess used a knife and fork to slice her pancakes before bringing one piece at a time towards her mouth. Her lips parted to accept each bit of pancake, her pearly-white teeth masticating it before she used her tongue to maneuver it into her throat, swallowing with a swift gulp. The cherry-fied Pit watched helplessly as more and more of the pancakes disappeared into Palutena's digestive tract, until they were completely gone.

Palutena turned her attention to the lone cherry on her plate, plucking it up with two fingers and licking her lips. Pit tried to scream, to make any sort of sound or movement that would get his goddess's attention, but it was all useless. Palutena popped the cherry-angel into her mouth, savoring its flavor on her tongue and coating it in saliva. After about a minute, however, she grew tired of the cherry's taste and flicked it into her gullet, unwarily swallowing Pit whole and alive.

The cherry that was Pit slid down Palutena's tight esophagus and soon fell into her warm, moist stomach with a splash. Surprisingly, he was able to see the fleshy walls pulsating steadily, as well as the greenish, bubbling sea of acid. An ominous groan shook his surroundings, and the juices began to eat away at Pit's cherry form...

After a while, Pit awoke once again, this time to the sight of something white in front of him. He still couldn't move, but he did hear a faint gurgle behind his current position. That shouldn't have been possible, unless...

"No..!" Pit connected the dots fairly quickly. "I've been bound to Lady Palutena's abdomen! Lady Palutena, HELP ME!!"

The digested angel did his best to squirm around, but without physical form of his own, all he could manage were tiny, goosebump-like reverberations in the skin of his goddess's stomach. Palutena did indeed feel some strange wiggling in her midsection, looking down and rubbing her belly. All the color drained from her face.

"By the gods..!" Palutena spoke at last. "How could I have forgotten something VERY important?!"

Pit felt hopeful that his goddess would notice his plight...

"I have to get ready for a Smash Bros tournament!!"

The goddess got up and sprinted out of the room to prepare for her matches, oblivious to the angel stuck within her abs...
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