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Teenage parents problems
The Shameful Society -
Teenage Parents

You look down on me, like I am dirt,
Please bare in mind, that your looks do not hurt,
Your actions wont break me, nor will your words,
You need to remember, we come in herds,
We are alot stronger and more accepting,
We know what are doing,
We say this is a blessing.

First time mum at the age of sixteen,
Just got out of hospital and feeling free,
From the social workers questions,
To the midwives concerning looks,
And now you’re looking at me like muck.

Take a look at yourself and try to remember,
Think about the truth, stop being a pretender,
When you were sixteen or not much older,
You were no different from I, so why the cold shoulder?

Why is it such a crime to be a young mother?
We have made our little family, me and my lover,
He adores our child and is always here,
He has promised me the best and says he wont disappear,
I believe his promises, from my head to my core,
All his support makes me love him more.

We want to raise our child right,
And make our families proud,
We want to show you we can do it,
And shout it out loud,
Me and my partner will stick together,
And I know it is going to last forever.

We want to prove you all wrong,
And show you we are strong.
Show you that teenage parents aren't dirty or disgusting,
Show you that we can achieve something,
We can bring up children just as well as you,
Maybe even better because we come as two.

Our child will grow up knowing it is loved,
Our child will grow up knowing both parents,
We have a reason to do well in life,
We have a reason to make something of ourselves,
And we will do anything and everything we need to do,
To make sure our child doesn't grow up like you.

You have the audacity to look down on us,
Whilst your child has a deadbeat dad,
That knows about them but just doesn't care,
And a mother that is hardely ever there,
So you look down on us,
Go on...If you dare.
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