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by Norman
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No one could better me
I don’t know when it happened.
I must have missed the time.
I wasn’t ready for it.
I slept right through my prime.

Or else I would have felt it.
I’d be smart, strong and fast.
But if I had those powers,
well, you know they didn’t last.

I’m still the same ol’ normal,
not dumb nor weak nor slow.
But nothing like I should be.
I’m sure of that; I’d know.

So now I’m on the downslope.
I’m falling like a stone.
I guess I’m past my prime now.
I lie awake and moan.

         Hey, maybe I’m mistaken.
         Yeah, maybe it’s just late.
         If I knew when its coming
         I’d make note of the date.

         And that’s what keeps me going
         when everything looks bleak,
         I know some day I won’t be
         so slow and dumb and weak.

         I know my prime is coming.
         Please, please for my own sake.
         This time I will be ready.
         This time I’ll be awake.

                   Oh, never mind, forget it.
                   My prime has come and gone.
                   Somehow it just slipped by me.
                   But still my life goes on.

                   At least I have my daydreams.
                   Imagine what I’d be.
                   If I had been awake then,
                   I’d be the best of me.

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