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A fictional news report on a college student who refuses to communicate because she's sad
Knuckington Post
August 29, 2019

College Student Locks Herself in Her Dorm and Refuses to Communicate

It's only the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, but one student at Squeak Sheperdson Memorial College is already feeling the pressure. Third-year student Clara Nevin's disability representatives, parents, and therapist have spoken out about her anti-social behavior. "She only leaves her dorm for help with my online art class," says Prof. Meghan Caltrain, one of the many art history professors at the college. "I know the Cengage program can be tough for first-time users, but her behavior is strange and worrying."

"This is indeed a strange behavior that I've never seen in any other students," said Janice Lane, Clara's disability service representative.

Many of Clara's classmates call her out as the one to blame, despite Clara's claims that they don't care enough to want her to succeed and hope she fails.

"She always did care about her grades to a worrying extent," said an anonymous classmate. "She never understood that succeeding in life was not just about passing tests and getting high grades. She became a social outcast because of this. I also stopped being friends with her since the problems she created with her poor social skills became too much for me. Now I doubt she has any friends because she only leaves her dorm to talk to Prof. Caltrain."

Clara's parents, Margaret and Everett Nevin, contact their daughter daily to get her to talk to them; she has never replied.
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