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My feeling about the guitar and life
When I was in junior high school, the guitar I started always healed my loneliness. Being in my twenties and being lonely This was my starting point. I wanted to face myself.

When I finished physical labor, I went to pachinko. There was no shortage of being alone with the book and manga guitar at night. I wanted to be something painful.

Grandma on the lower floor of the Huchinobe rag apartment said to me.
"You must be firm."

In my opinion, it was more important to try to be something than to become something.

If I wanted to write something, someone could read it alone, and if I wanted to play the guitar, someone could listen to it alone.

I made this song.
"Who is the sky.
There is a sky for an unnamed flower that bloomed on the roadside.
The star shines for an unnamed warrior who fell on the battlefield.

Dreams, money, honorary desire, mediocre, greed, self-sacrifice, frightened love, etc.
Like the dead.

There is a sky for an unnamed flower that bloomed on the roadside.
The star shines for an unnamed warrior who fell on the battlefield."

I thought about the bench ont the bench.
Of course, the bench was a place to rest.
When you get tired of something, people sat on the bench in search of something.
11:00 am I sat on the usual bench to cool my head a little confused.
People were walking on the street are always very busy.
However, some people were hanging out in their spare time.
I was a little relieved.
I didn't have the money to buy a cigarette, and I picked up the shike moku. Using the filter I had, I set fire with a 100 yen lighter.
My feelings flew like cigarette smoke.
Let's start something,
I didn't know if this is the case.

I was practicing tremolo with a quiet sound.
I couldn't play it better.
I'd been practicing for 3 years but I couldn't play.
I had been crying.
The sound of the guitar resonated very much at midnight
2:00 am-midnight
I still couldn't sleep. Thinking about the end of the universe
In the distant future, all atoms would collapse,
The universe was transparent.

Even if the end of the universe would come,
Past facts would not disappear as facts.
Also today
Let's sleep for tomorrow.

My father was hospitalized.
There were two good things.
I said I'll do anything,
He just needed me to come.
Desperately passed 2 months
Cycled by bike.
Someday, father whispered
"It's fast."
He said, "The time was fast".
We saw the sunset on the hospital terrace.

Left the hospital,
My father brought my childhood album.
I in the picture had been held by my parents
with an innocent face and had been laughing!!!!
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