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When people allow fear to take total control over their lives.
What is it that we think
goes unseen within the dark?
It makes some fear
but it’s just an empty
space with nothing but air.
But does anyone care?
Because some do
have that fear.
It can be in
your mind
your heart
your soul
or your very essence.
What is fear?
It’s a feeling if allowed,
that will take over your
life and never relinquish.
Fear will suppress
Your Desires
Your Dreams
and eventually Your Life.
Shake off the shackles of your fear.
Fear is something that if allowed,
can control you and
leave you paralyzed.
It's best to face
whatever your fear is
and stomp on it
until the fear is no more.
For as FDR spoke,
“The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Fear Itself.”


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