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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2199558
Andrew learns a very different kind of lesson from his unwitting, nerdy student tutor.
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Andrew had never really considered the finer details of his rivalry with Rachel. It never occurred to him that the reason she frustrated him so much could be because of how similar they were. It drove him mad that despite being just as capable in class as she was, when it the tests came around, she would always excel, and he’d be left in her dust, barely managing to pull together a passing grade. The two would debate for hours on the university’s online forums, both of them making strong arguments for their cause, but neither able to truly best the other...until Andrew was asked to regurgitate that knowledge in the form of short answer, essay, or multiple choice.

For these reasons, the professor had assigned Rachel to tutor Andrew for the final exam of their History of War class. It was a decisive blow in the relationship between the two, and when the professor could suggested it, Andrew could practically feel the cocky grin on Rachel’s face. She had won. She’d defeated him. She was the victor, and would claim the spoils of his pride the following Saturday morning. He nearly dropped his classes and quit. He cared very little that his father had pulled strings to get him accepted into the prestigious academy, it was just his way of getting him as far away as possible...the two never got along anyway.

Sighing, the tall, jockish athlete climbed the stairs up to Rachel’s on campus apartment at 9:26 a.m., nearly half an hour later than they’d agreed. As he arrived, he sent a quick text to his girlfriend.

‘Just got to Rachel’s place. Wish me luck with little miss know-it-all.’ He didn’t expect a response, not this early, but Kate tended to be a little jealous, especially when he was going to be alone with other women. Shoving his phone in his pocket, he knocked on the door with a sigh.

“I figured you’d bailed on me…” That familiar voice came through the door seconds later, before it swung open. Rachel was right above average height, standing at 5’6”, and 116 lbs of bookworm. Her slightly curled, strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing a sports bra, athletic shorts, and relatively new looking sneakers. Andrew took a moment to fully objectify her before answering. The glasses she typically wore had been abandoned.

“This is what you study in? Fuckin’ weirdo…” He commented, stepping in past Rachel, despite her not stepping out of the way.

“No, this is what I wear to go jogging in, because you’re half an hour late and I have other things to do today…!” She glared, daring him to push her any further.

“Then let’s just make this quick so we can say we did it.” Andrew responded, collapsing lazily onto the couch of her small living room.

“Fine by me…” She answered dismissively, trying to regain her composure. She was getting extra credit for this, it would be worth it, on top of the bragging rights for years to come. She wished her roommate, Amelia, was here...she had a penchant for keeping tensions down. With a frustrated sigh, she kicked off her sneakers by the door and made her way to the opposite couch, before she noticed something. Andrew had come in with nothing to study with or from.

“...Did you even bring your notebook? Or textbook? Laptop?” Anything?” She felt her temper rising again.

“Nah...you’re the tutor, don’t you have it?”

“For fuck’s sake, Andrew! Do you even care? Do you even want to pretend that you care?”
“I care about getting this class over with and being done with you.” Clearly the pleasantries were over. Andrew said, kicking his feet up onto the coffee table

“At least we can agree on something. Get your feet off of my table, I’m going to go get my books...and everything else. Just...just don’t touch anything.” Rachel, at the end of her wits already, stormed out of the room, white, ankle-sock clad feet thudding against the floor as she left.

Andrew smirked. Stupid bitch...if she was going to get extra credit for this, she was going to earn it. Sighing with content, he crossed his legs on the table, dismissing Rachel’s request, and closed his eyes, lounging back with his arms behind his head.


When Andrew opened his eyes, he found himself staring straight up at the ceiling. It was suddenly very distant, expansive, and vast. He hadn’t noticed how large this apartment was until now. The ceiling fan was spinning in a powerful radius that made him dizzy to watch, and unsettled his stomach. Wincing away the feeling, he sat up, and immediately realized that something was very, very wrong.

The coffee table that he’d once had his feet kicked up on was miles away, and the edge of the couch he was on was several dozen yards. From here, he could see to the carpeted floor, dozens of miles down, a fall that would have lasted several minutes. What once was Rachel’s cozy little living room was now an immense, undiscovered world. He had been reduced down to a minuscule height, easily under a quarter of an inch, stranded on the couch he was sitting on casually moments ago.

“H-Hello? Rachel? Anyone? Hello?!” He called out into the void, without even an echo in response. The tiny jock began to sweat, grabbing his arms, legs, chin, forehead..anything to confirm that he was asleep. “Oh no...no, no, no...this is impossible…” He swore to himself, falling to his knees on the threaded fibers that made up the upholstery of the couch cushion. Each thread, tightly woven together and indistinguishably connected for anyone at a normal size, were now as thick as telephone poles and he could see the stitching in each pattern that held them together. Tiny couldn’t begin to describe his size now, there were no words that could make him feel smaller, no description that could portray his minuscule size.

However, there was one other thing that he hadn’t conceived that would drive home his diminutive stature.
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