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You Win!

We went south at the turnoff. Halfway down the hill, we stopped. A big pile of rocks was in the way.

“What do we do now?” I asked George.

He looked at the pile of rocks and shook his head. “Darned if I know. Our Jeep surely can’t get over that.”

“But if we don’t, we’ll never reach it.” I got out of the Jeep and walked over to the pile of rocks, then kicked a few for good measure.

“I think we should just turn around. Go back the way we came, Peggy.” George now was out of the Jeep as well.

That’s just what they’d expect us to do. I think it’s a trap. We’ve got to find a way over this.” I kicked the rocks again. It didn’t seem so solid. “Let’s do it George. Let’s move this pile of rocks.”

George let out a laugh. “You and what elephant?! Or perhaps you’re Houdini and can make all these rocks disappear? HA!”

“As a matter of fact, I think we can move these quite easily. We’ll just take a little bit of time. And seems like we’ve got plenty of that.” I picked up a few of the offending rocks and moved them behind the Jeep to prove my point. “See? We can do this.”

George sighed, loud and long. “You’re crazy. I still think we should turn around.” He picked up some rocks and moved them back behind the Jeep as well.

Within an hour the pile was diminished by half. We were able to muscle the Jeep over the pile then down the road. Soon we reached our goal. Ahead a few feet was a sign. “Congratulations!” in red letters. A chest stood under it. Inside was a note. “You win the scavenger hunt!”

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