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by Ry
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Amy wakes up. Alone in the desert. A Game is played. Could they be connected?
The Game

Chapter 1

He stared at the barrel of the gun as he fell to his knees.

“You don't have to do this.”

Tears stung her eyes. She breathed deeply, aiming the rifle at his skull.

“I wish that were true.”

The sound of the gun echoed throughout the canyon.


It was a dripping hot day. Amy swore that the dust would melt into her skin. She was somewhere in the desert, she did

not know exactly where. She remembered falling asleep on her soft bed in her family's house. With AC, she had taken that for granted.

She couldn't remember how she got to this place, there was just sand, as far as the horizon. Sighing, she wiped her nose with the

back of her hand as she stumbled up another sand dune. She shaded her eyes with her hands and squinted.

A figure? Was it the lack of water getting to her already?? Now walking in the direction of the person, Amy hoped they would help her.

Soon the figure started taking shape, it was a guy around her age. He was walking to her too. He was all by himself though. How would

he help her? What if he wanted to hurt her? She stood still and squinted, in his hands a shiny object glinted.

A knife?

Amy's thoughts swirled about her like the wind that she wished would blow.

She raised her voice out in a cry, "Hey!"

The guy didn't change his pace, he would be to her soon. What was she going to do?

What could she defend herself with?

Suddenly a gun dropped from the sky.

She picked it up.

She didn't know how to use it or what kind it was or anything. Suddenly, she had a sharp pain in her head. This was a 20 gauge

shotgun. Wait, how did she know that? What was going on? The pain of hunger became no more suddenly and she wondered what

the heck was happening to her. She looked down. her clothes had changed. The boy was only a couple meters out. He was holding

two, very deadly looking knife-looking things.

Ann bit her lip as her thumbed her controller, this was her first battle. She had just given her character some knowledge on weapons

and made her hunger vanish. She hoped the enemy was a one star. The icon popped up above the rugged boy's head. Three stars.

Oh man, did her character, Amy have a chance?
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