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Roberta has it in for the lion tamer.
Roberta Pique fell ill one week
and bitterness became her.
She picked a bone with old Malone,
who was a lion tamer.

Oh Pique, Oh Pique, why do you grudge?
“Tis not a virtue, don’t you see?
You set about, bad-blood your thing;
unbridled animosity!

Roberta Pique, you were so weak,
yet now you are a spiteful blonde.
The lion tamer you resent—
there’s chances you won’t see the dawn.

Your umbrage stands beside you, Pique;
the grievance leans on spears of hate.
Roberta, Oh you silly thing,
within the cage awaits your fate.

Malone kept low and sought to slow
the grudge that followed him around.
But everyplace ’twas in his face;
Pique simply could not put it down.

Bad blood ensued from this odd feud;
Malone was want to spank her.
Instead he let the lions out,
and now Pique has no rancor.

24 Lines
Writer’s Cramp

Pique……a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight.
Rancor…..bitterness or resentfulness.
Umbrage…offense or annoyance.
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