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by kiley
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this is a description of the them of the exposed nest.parenting and growing up.
Frost explores the theme of ,parenting and growing up.In the poem the exposed nest frost explores the theme of growing up and parentiening. in the poem it talks about how they had found a nest full of young baby birds.They wanted to help the baby birds by moving the nest so they would be in a much safer place.But they were unsure if the mother bird would still care for the baby birds or return to them because of the change. The poem say,"made me ask-would the mother bird return" "and care for them in such a change of scene".This is simply saying would the mother bird return to her babies?In the poem my inference was that the poem theme was about parenting and growing up.This line from the poem asks if the mother bird would return to her babies and care to them the same as before the change.
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