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"Monster Delta" is a fan project of "Monster Arms." The O.C.s are unofficial and non-canon
Name: Chase Chastity
Gender: Male
Species: Cambion/Fallen Angel hybrid
Height: Usually 900 ft, but he can make himself be taller when enraged.
Appearance: He looks like Dante from "Devil May Cry." Also, because he has demonic and angelic heritage, there are four small devil horns on his head. He has devil eyes that are actually cool grey in colour. He has devilish wings, but they have crimson red feathers on them. His facial features and body physique are what you might expect because of his mixed species (a handsome face, perfect physique with muscles and abs like said protagonist.) However, where Dante has white hair, Chase's is a shiny black colour with some silver highlights, plus the usual looking devil tail on his backside. His legs are like goat legs, except he has human feet, instead of hooves, but his toenails are black and are hard as such. For his clothing, he has very 'special armour' that he 'got' from the underworld.This specific type of armour is magically enhanced to the fact that he has increased durability, speed, flight, strength etc. The suit also allows him to conjure up mythical weapons that are imbued with strong magick that is powerful to cut, stab, or bludgeon the scales of a behemoth or the hide of a Nemean lion. Ironically, the appearance of his armour is "revealing" (like Senketsu from the anime "Kill la Kill, but in regards to Senketsu being body armour for a male mythical monster hybrid.) More information about this in his description.
Description: Chase Chastity unlike his demonic heritage, is not that vain or very concerned (much) about his looks or physique. He still tries to keep in shape and be hygienic regularly though.
         Unfortunately, some women (and men) tend to think he is just that or WORSE because of his certain background. To add insult to injury, he is well AWARE of what his suit of armour looks like, to his chagrin and annoyance. Fortunately the armour can turn into regular or specific items of clothing for his current location. He is uncomfortable around people (especially those of the female variety) and is quick to decline any advances from women, because he is aware of his Cambion/Fallen angel mix.
         This comes from the fact, that people quickly judge him, and that he is objectified by (mostly) female monsters from all species (cryptic, mythical and/or spiritual.) Especially when he is wearing his armour, this also makes him not want to participate in anything that is a least bit sexual or have intercourse at all, meaning he is still a virgin and therefore "asexual." Despite all of this, he is calm, cool, collected, and is willing to protect and fight and (rarely) kill any monster, no matter the species, form, or gender.
         However, this attitude has its own faults, if he fights for too long or gets angry, frustrated because of himself or his opponent, he goes into a "Hell hath no fury" trance like state, where he is self-aware but is now solely focused on his opponent(s) and may or may not finish them off quickly or take his time. Another thing is that he gains increased muscle mass, body height, with no apparent limit, and his armour becomes less "revealing" and more "demonic looking" with more plates of armour almost covering his body, with bigger, powerful weapons imbued with powerful magic both light and dark (because of his angelic heritage.)

Name: Rhett (No known last name)
Gender: Male
Species: Immortal and Invulnerable Rougarou
Height: 1000 ft
Appearance: Rhett looks like a werewolf, except that he isn't. Technically, he is a type of monster that resembles said monster. His face has the usual features of wolf, including: muzzle, long ears, sharp teeth etc.) However, the rest of his body appear to be that of an adult male in his late thirties or early forties, minus some small details: The first being that since he is very tall, and he looks human from the neck down, he has arms and legs that are longer than any werewolf's. The second thing is that he is only covered in 'certain' places in thick fur. His face appears to have the most fur, which is a dark auburn colour, but his neck and pretty much everywhere else appears to be covered in short light tan hair, especially on his hands and feet. The third detail, is that his hands have long fingers that look like branches, due to the hair. The same could be said for his toes on his bare feet, though not as long, but can still be described as such. The fourth one is that his finger and toe nails start out like an ordinary human's, but they are incredibly long, thin, and look like actual claws from a werewolf or something like it. One last part about him is that these details give him a nightmarish appearance, although make him look lanky and less imposing. DO NOT BE FOOLED! His light tan hair that covers the rest his limbs and chest hide pure muscle with abs and a six pack to match as well. This means that he has super human strength, speed and (maybe) other abilities like that of a werewolf, plus he is also cursed to be invulnerable, meaning he can't die anyway. Even if you manage to use his weaknesses, like burning him to ashes, cutting his head off, and/or his body, he'll just come back. His style of clothing changed throughout his immortal life, but has settled to wearing undergarments with track pants, plus the usual hood sweater/t-shirt combo, he mostly walks around bare foot, but he will walk in sandals.

Description: Not much is known about his past, but according to some folklore, his 'type' are humans who are cursed to become these things. How, when, or the reason why he was cursed (or if he even is at all) is not clear. Unfortunately, this includes his gaining of immortality and invulnerability as well. There is a so-called "theory" that when (or if) he was human, he gained his "curse" and said abilities all at the SAME TIME! It also stated that this is some sort of ironic and (extremely) cruel joke at Rhett's expense, he is a "spoof." Apparently, there are many other folklore and legends that discuss on the disposal of rougarous in MANY different ways (besides the ones listed in "Appearance,") that it gets confusing so now NO ONE knows how to correctly kill one. If anything this is most likely true, but like Rhett, nothing else is much known about him.
         Rhett's personality and overall character are not that mysterious, due to him being immortal and such. He has seen a lot of stuff due to his eternal youth, therefore he no longer focuses on what happened in the past, but focuses on the present, and the future as well. He has a more positive viewpoint on his immortality. It could be argued that Rhett technically has not lived long enough as an immortal, since he has a more jovial persona for an immortal being. Interestingly, Rhett detests violence and prefers to find peaceful ways to solve problems, this is surprising since other rougarous are described as rather violent creatures in various myths and folklore legends. This makes him more easy going and patient wherever he is, since he prefers to travel a lot and doesn't stick around the same place for too long, thus making it hard to track him down. Apparently, Rhett has no need desire to settle down since he either sees no reason to, or he is trying to escape something...possibly his past? Noting this, one can't help thinking that is might be the cause of Rhett's jovial personality and the fact that HE doesn't mind being immortal and invulnerable, yet is fully aware of such qualities, which can be "off putting" or "refreshing" to those who have encountered others like Rhett.

Name: Kallikles
Gender: Male
Species: Male humanoid harpy
Height: 1255 ft
Appearance: Kallikles is an "unorthodox" type of monster, due to the fact that harpies are and ONLY give birth to female offspring. Therefore, they must mate with other male creatures (including humans), which can explain how Kallikles came to be. However, it seems that there is an 'exception', as Kallikles is a prime example. For one thing, all harpies have features that make them look like different types of recent or extinct aviary species, while also having the usual parts that identify them as being female. This is the same for Kallikles as he (ironically) represents a particular type of predatory bird called the "harpy eagle." To be clear, there are male harpy eagles as well as females, but the latter is usually bigger and stronger than the other. In a strange twist, Kallikles has the build and muscle tone of the "alpha" version. Unfortunately, this could be part of his "exotic" being since he wasn't born of the usual 'gender' of his kind. To make this even more confounding, Kallikles looks like an anthropomorphic harpy eagle version of the young "Hannibal Lecter" from the prequel TV series, which tells the tale of how said protagonist became the well-known and feared serial-killer/pyschopath in "Silence of the Lambs." Kallikles' upper back side and neck area is covered with slate-black feathers, while having his lower body covered with white feathers and downing on certain 'areas.' He has humanoid hands and feet; except the fingers, toes, plus his two thumbs look like big strong talons and the finger/toenails are just as sharp but aren't as long as that of a real harpy eagle. Another similar feature is Kallikles striped black arms and legs, which are humanoid in appearance; but have the bone of a structure of the usual harpy monster. There is a broad black band of plumage on Kallikles' upper chest that separates the white feathers on his stomach from grey feathers on his neck area, leading to pale grey ones covering his entire head. However, since Kallikles is, technically, a harpy (albeit being male) he has human, which is in the style, and colour of young Lecter from "Hannibal." He has actual eyes from a harpy eagle, while the iris is the same colour as the titular protagonist. Kallikles has wings and plumage that consists of feathers that are mostly dark grey with a white underside. Interestingly, harpy eagles have a short wingspan which makes it easier to fly through their natural habitat: forests. Therefore, since Kallikles looks like one, his wingspan appears to be the same, but is somehow still able to fly like the average harpy (monster), this could further indicate that he (probably) has more muscle mass than other "true blooded" creatures like him. There is also a tail (yes a tail) behind Kallikles that, like the animal species that he represents; has an upper side that is black with three grey bands, while the under side is black with three white bands.
(End of section anything else is NTKB.)
Description: N/A

Name: Icarus Greyspike
Gender: Male
Species: Keythong Gryphon
Height: (Near the same height as Destiny Sirtis from Monster Gaol)
Appearance: Like other gryphons, Icarus has the body, backlegs and the tail of a lion; with the head, forelegs and talons of an eagle. However, unlike other gryphons; Icarus does NOT have any wings at all, instead he has spines that sprout from his back and shoulders, often resembling an abstraction of his missing wings. The spines are a bold, shiny gold colour that represent rays from the sun. On the top of his head, he has two long and slightly curved animal horns that are a dark grey colour. The rest of Greyspike's body is covered in midnight black feathers covered in small white spots that look like stars. Interestingly, Icarus is thought of being the reincarnation of the "impossibly beautiful" Narcissus from the very same Greek myth. There have even been accounts that the goddess herself, Aphrodite, thinks this is true and has fallen in love with the keythong himself! Although, according to various sources and mythology, Icarus has these "features" because he is a male gryphon, just like how male peacocks have ginormous and colourful back feathers. To be clear, Icarus could also be a different breed of gryphon, since there are other sources that state that winged gryphons can either be male or female. This could also be true since Icarus is something called a "heraldic beast" that appeared somewhere in medieval myths and lore during the fifteenth century. These tribulations about him pale in comparison to one MAJOR thing about Sir Icarus Greyspike: Like Scrooge Mecduck, "Sir" Greyspike is extremely wealthy and appears to have a limitless pool of resources at his disposal. Therefore he can be seen wearing grey business suits when working or a light grey frock coat with silver cufflinks; a white cravat with a pin that has one magical gemstone, which he changes whenever a certain situation arrives or he just wants to do so, as well as a pair of specially customized spats on his back talons that are enchanted to be durable and never get ruined.
Description: Icarus Greyspike is not like other male monsters (aside from being tremendously rich and incredibly handsome.) He is a philanthropist at heart and is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who REALLY needs it. Still, there are times when he struggles to express his emotions and/or feelings to others (especially to a certain monster), so to help with this he wears a pin with different magical gemstones that allow him to do so...with great difficulty and little success of course.
         Since gryphons are regarded as one of the most magical creatures, it is should be noted that Icarus is well adapted in the knowledge of magical spells, curses, and supernatural diseases (e.g. nebutori.) He is also capable of casting spells, such as manipulating time and space, light and shadows, creating elemental blasts (i.e. fire, lightning, ice etc.), projecting force fields around himself or anyone else. Basically a "jack of all trades" in magical warfare and defense. He is also seen creating or trying new spells to add to his arsenal and whatnot. Speaking of which, he can conjure gryphon wings using magic and his back spines as a basis. However, Icarus will (mostly try) not to use any spells that involve hypnosis, mind reading, or controlling other sentiment beings; both animate and inanimate. Not to mention, that he ESPECIALLY dislikes love potions, since he thinks such things like that are meant to happen naturally and not to be messed with. Since he thinks things like love SHOULD happen naturally; that and he has a crush on a particular female gargoyle warden. Ironically, he uses magical gemstones that rarely help him, to overcome his difficulties on expressing his feelings.
         To be blunt, Icarus is quite the charmer, and has been listed as the most "eligible monster bachelor ever" in quite a few magazines in the monster world. It should be no surprise that most female monsters, spirits, or anything in the female category have an "eye" for him. Surprisingly, Icarus has not BEEN on a date for...quite a while, mostly because he is working tirelessly on investing his ever growing affluence; researching or trying new spells that can benefit monster and humankind, and attending the usual gala or charity event (the majority of which he starts) every now and then.
         What's EVEN more surprising is that Icarus has never ACTUALLY made any public appearances for a LONG time...until his sudden change in mind that is. Another thing about Icarus is that he is highly intelligent and has incredible analytical skills, something that is usually overlooked by others (especially women), which is quite annoying for Icarus...most of the time.

Name: Harlan Strong
Gender: Male
Species: Wereskunk (Albino)
Height: 545 ft
Appearance: Harlan Strong is a wereskunk with pure white fur all over his body, due to his albinism. Harlan has dull golden eyes and an extremely muscular build. However, he is quite agile and can perform gymnastic feats by himself or with his tail, which is also quite strong. He has dirty blonde hair that is cut short, with a mohawk in the middle that has one section dyed red and the other blue. For clothing, Harlan dons a red and black camouflauge t-shirt with a dark grey bandolier over both shoulders; he wears black military pants (or shorts for hot weather) and a "utility belt" for security and emergencies. His footwear are steel toe combat boots with enhanced durability. He wields two twin monster-sized Desert Eagle model handguns that shoot silver rounds or ones that have been enhanced with "special" properties; not to mention what appears to be a metal cricket bat with a strange symbol that is on both sides. This bludgeon is actually THE great sword of "War" (one of the four Horseman of the apocalypse) enchanted to look like a sporting club, why this happened or how it came to Harlan's possession is unknown.
Description: Harlan Strong appears to have suffered a "traumatic even" of some sort. Therefore, has become a bounty hunter in retaliation. However, he seems to have PTSD and schizophrenia, since he is usually seen having a conversation with the "bat" he uses on occasion. According to Harlan, it is actually "War" one of the hour horseman of the apocalypse that is talking only to him. In regards to Harlan's appearance and sanity, one can't help if the horrific events that happened in his past lead him to dress and act as such. Despite all of this, Harlan Strong appears to have a strategic intellect; as well as some sort of idiot savant with enchanted weaponry and magical spirits or beasts. This might explain his twin firearms and "utility belt" that contains flash bombs, hellfire grenades, and anything else one can imagine. His bandolier mostly contains silver rounds for most of his targets. However, if he has to hunt a peculiar powerful creature or spirit; he uses special rounds that contain some kind of powerful "anti-magic" properties, which can completely ignore almost any special defence or abilities (i.e. invulnerability, regeneration etc.) It is unclear how well Harlan interacts with others...or if he actually has in the first place.
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