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by Wright
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Quick thoughts to defending our beliefs
In epistemology, a bewildered coherent truth of a fallacy falls on deaf ears. As to the reasoning behind such an atrocity, one can assume that any assumption has been breathed life through intangibles.

Basically, given the concepts of how one acquires, comprehends, and rationalizes truth, will determine those who are unaware of their philosophical errors. Those left confused without the proper understanding of their perceptions can and likely will be moved to guesswork. without a logical framework, they fail to comprehend how they came to their belief.

Amid disbelief, a person foregoes changes that are not suitable for entrenched continuity, where the road to stoicism is metaphorically conflated to infer diverging perspectives.

When the sword of wisdom has struck a person, they must set aside their ego; this way, they can streamline new information in the face of dissonance. Confounding beliefs need to become independent nuances that allow the individual to consciously act without allowing their emotions to control their behavior. By allowing oneself to analyze new information objectively, they will then be able to expand their minds into new realms of rationality that would have otherwise become rejected.

When confronted by a belief or even factual information that differs from our own, the body releases hormones in response. When this occurs, a person will experience what many have come to know as the fight or flight response. Once triggered, we begin to subconsciously defend our point of view, and we may even become angry, hostile, ignorant to facts. We experience the complete shut down of our ability to objectively intake new data that is not in-line with our currently held beliefs.
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