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by Norman
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I've seen one; I am sure
They do exist!
It’s not a myth.
I’ve seen one; I am sure.

I saw one on
last Halloween,
just standing at my door.

They say there are
no unicorns,
it’s just a tale of lore.

But there it was;
It was a sight
I’ve never seen before.

It had a horn
between it’s eyes.
It chilled me to my core.

“Trick or Treat”,
Is what it said.
Just that and nothing more.

I handed it
some candy bars
I brought home from the store.

Then off it went
into the night,
a fairy tale no more.

And that’s my tale.
I swear to it.
Believe me I implore.

I’d had some brews,
just one or two.
Well, maybe three or four.

But I am done;
I gave up drink.
That is the oath I swore.

And on the next
All Hallows Eve
I won’t go near that door.

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