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by Norman
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She gave me a piece of her mind
She gave me a piece of her mind.
It’s a wonder she has any left.
It’s not that she’s lost it by chance
or that she’s a victim of theft.

It’s more that she doesn’t hold back,
not when she has something to say.
To hold back would not be her choice.
She just isn’t fashioned that way.

So she gave me a piece of her mind
and I simply went off to bed.
At this rate her mind will be gone
and soon there’ll be naught in her head.

And when she is feeble and old,
I’ll be in the same leaky boat.
As we sail down that river of time,
it is I who will keep us afloat.

Her mind will be long spent and gone
with no pieces left to give out.
We’ll simply take life as it is,
no reason to rant or to shout.

And I will just sit back and smile,
enjoy all the absence of sound.
She’ll have nothing left she can say
and my peace of mind will be found.

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