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Her post today
It's after 9 am. I'm here writing in the Sbux at the Vet Mem Hway in Lafayette, Indiana.

Yesterday Agosto drove me to Indy to see the psychiatrist. Her name is Christine Negendank. I was asked a few questions which I fielded well enough. I felt a certain amount of fear that her questions would lead her (via my replies) to make me get admitted into a hospital that day. My thought seemed to tell me that I was never going to return to my home in West Lafayette. So, I lied a bit to her and she had to settle for giving me my Rx and to say I would be back there to get bloodwork or a visit to their MD (name of Mercy Moto, if you believe it) for a general physical exam. I said a General yes but did not intend to go there for those things.

My question from her was when the last time I got bloodwork and a physical exam. I got a bit distressed at the idea of getting a stick in the vein as there was a thought that they were going to muck up my blood with some bacterial infection which would make me get sepsis and that is a rather bad way to go (my dead mother Sally got that). I also think that this sort of invasive thing they do to unsuspecting people and their children is what has killed off a LOT of good and unsuspecting and clueless people and the rest of the world now is inhabited by evildoers and thieves and what not - including hackers of people identities, bodies and material wealth and possessions!

I wish that this weren't true but the evidence in the Thoughts and Feelings tell me it's TRUE.

I want ALL of YOU to get with Jesus Mine to ask Him what to do and how to find your long lost child, relative et cetera who may have been hacked, murdered and gotten sick so sick they are in a rehab or nursing home, getting even more sad due to bad people who are making them feel sick and or raping them.

THis is truth. I have heard of and read of people in nursing homes whose clothes and purses have been stolen, their bodies raped and there is no outcry because everyone doesn't seem to know. Their children (grown) h ave abandoned them and their parents do not know they are somewhere else and have been lied to that they are dead.

This is so distressing as I write this and makes me upset. I hope to God that these sad people will get some sort of recompense. And those who've committed such crimes against these people will be given their comeuppance.

It is what my Journey through Life has told me as well as what Jesus and everyone has told me.

I pray that You, my God, will restore those lost and dead to their Families. I don't know anymore.

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