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Couple Love
I woke up in the morning and you were still asleep. I was feeling very excited and in a romantic mood so I called your work and mine and asked for the day off. Then you woke up and I sat down next to you. W were still covered ourselves while we were sitting. I said I am feeling very romantic mood right now and I want to have a romance with you so I took the day off. You look at me sweetly and say well since you took the day off then we can have a nice romantic day. Then we both got under the blanket and had strong romance. It was not like before but we still enjoyed it. After we finished we got up to eat breakfast while I made the tea. We had a nice big breakfast and everything was delicious. Then we decided to sit together and remember the days when we were in college and how we uses to play billiard together and talk with each other. While we were talking I looked into your eyes and when our eyes met for just a second I pulled you close to me and gave you a deep kiss. First you were a little surprised but then you wrapped your arms around the back of my neck and held me tight while our lips and mouths worked around each other reaching all parts of our mouths. Finally after some time we pulled away from each other and decided that we can save some romance for the night.

It was lunch time then so we went out for some nice lunch and had a nice time talking and eating with each other. We came back home and you gave me a kiss before we got out of the car. I asked you if you wanted to watch a movie and you said yes. We watched a nice romantic movie and wile the movie was going on you pulled me close to you keeping me in your arms and then you lay on my chest and I caressed your head and shoulders. At the end of the movie you were about to get up but I kept you on my chest and hugged you tight then I pulled you towards me and kissed you again.

Then it was time for dinner so we ordered some food and set the table with candles and we dimmed the lights and had some romantic music playing in the background. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed the experience. Later that night we went to our room and I said that I have a special way we can try our romance and you said lets do it tonight and I said OK. I closed the door and locked it. You were already in the bed and you said come and take me. It made me very excited and I almost jumped on you and started kissing you deeply while feeling your body. Our bodies started to warming up and I started undressing you. First I opened your shirt and then your pants. Then you started removing my clothes. W were almost naked and we were both very excited , moaning and kissing. Then I took of your underclothes and you took off mine then we went under the blanket. I slowly pushed myself into you and we both moaned with excitement. I asked if you were ok and you said to keep going so I started going back and forth. First soft and slow then fast and hard. All the time we were moaning with pleasure. We could fell our heartbeats and our heavy breathing. We got to a point where we were clode to being finished and you yelled a you finished and I pulled out and yelled as well as I finished also. We both sat for a minute taking our breath back and then I asked you how it was ans you said it was amazing. W were so tired so we lay down nex to each other and fell asleep in each others arms.
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