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It isn't done yet but i am open for critique.

The_boy_who_saved_my_life___CR_Ollar_Writingcom_story_html_794bb0ae.pngThe Boy Who Saved my life.

C.R. Ollar

Italicized font= Logans dialogue

Bold= Mindy

Normal= Kay.

Chapter 1:

"Look out!" Someone yelled, but a little too late. I was hit in the head with a football and got knocked out. I woke up a little and saw him trying to tell me something and I faintly herd sirens from an ambulance. I just barely caught what he was saying as I blacked out again:

"Stay with me, Kay, stay with me."

"Okay." I thought I heard myself say.

* * *

I woke up in the hospital room and he was still there, so I decided to talk to him. "Hey Logan."

"Hey Kay, how is your head?" he asked.

"Oh, that thing? I think it's fine. You're still here?"

"Yeah they've been questioning me as to what's happened to you. It's like they think you have some disease or something."

"Really? Well I don't think I do but better safe than..."

"Sorry. Just to be 100% sure, this is Ms. Kay Bennett's room correct?" asked the nurse as she walked in.

"Yep, that's me. Is everything alright?" I asked her.

"We need you to call your parents." she replied.

"Okay, but it's just me and my mom. Is everything okay?" I said.

"That's fine, and I don't know what's going on. I'm sorry for the intrusion." the nurse said worriedly.

I called my mom and she didn't pick up; she was at work. I left a message: 'Mom, I was hit in the head with a football and the doctor said she wanted to talk to you. Please call me back. Love you.' Click. When she called me back, she did sound worried but told me it could wait until the end of her workday.

* * *

Two hours later, my mom finally walked in the room with the doctor both with the same expression: worry. Logan was there the entire time; he didn't want to leave my side. "Alright, enough suspense, what's going on?" I asked because I was fed up with waiting.

"Kay Bennett, we have found a rare mutation in your genes. And when I say rare, I mean you are only one of the two people we have found with this mutation. Ever." She said long-windedly and looked as if she wanted to say more.

"What is the mutation?" I asked curiously, "Does it affect my health?"

"Have you been drawn to water lately?" she asked me.

"Yes, I have, how did you know?"

"I knew because that has something to do with the mutation."

"What?" my mom cut in, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that your daughter is very special, and you are that other person with that mutation, Ms. Bennett." The doctor said to her, "And you and your daughter have a choice."

"And what might their choices be doc.?" Logan also cut into the conversation, "because you have found a third person with that water mutation that you are talking about. Kay, I wasn't sure until now, but now I'm 100% sure that there's something I really need to tell you. Privately."

"Okay, mom, doc, can you go talk in the hall for a moment, please?" I asked them as nicely as I can.

"Of course, we can Kay I would prefer that we talk in the hall anyway." Mom said as she walked out of the room with the doctor.

* * *

"Kay, you are a mermaid." Logan said bluntly and suddenly as soon as the door closed.


"You are a mermaid."

"I can't be. Mermaids aren't real."

"Oh yes they are, and you are one."


"Your mother is one too."

"What about you, you said you also have the mutation?"

"I am a merman. Our original pod sent me to watch over you and your mom. I'm a warrior of the pod, and a spy. I should've told you sooner but, I didn't. I'm sorry."

"A pod. A whole pod of people just like us?"

"Yes, and you have two choices. 1: You can be like us and embrace your new being of life, or,2: be human and not have the powers, the speed, the ability to hold your breath for more than 20 minutes, or the ability to cast spells on rude math teachers."

"You can do all of that?"

"And more but, you can't tell anyone about this, so, promise me you won't tell anyone ever."

"I promise. Promise me that you will not leave my side."

"I promise."

Chapter 2:

Logan is the type of person who will do anything to protect anyone he cares about. I think that's what he is doing. He finally convinced the doctor to let me go to the pool in the hospital. I decided to embrace my inner mermaid. We are walking there now.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, you? I've noticed that you don't want to leave my side. How come?"

"Oh, um, I kind of wanted to talk to you about that. So, once you are a mermaid, you must choose between your family and the pod. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes, I'm sure, I want this. There seems to be something that you aren't telling me."

"I care about you."

"Really? In what way?"

"This way..."

He kissed me...

I kissed him back. His smile was like the Shishir cat, quite comical. We laughed and continued walking to the pool.

* * *

"Favorite color?"


"Favorite animal?"


"You are a true mermaid, Kay. You know something? I noticed you from the beginning of the year. I knew that you were the person I was sent here to watch over."

"How did you know?"

"You were different from everyone else. You were one of those people who kept to themselves. Mysterious, you Know?"

"You like that don't you?"

We laughed again. Once we got to the pool, he told me how to get the powers I wanted, and I jumped in. I feel the change begin. Logan jumped in too. I heard him. Seeing him in the water was all it took for me to fully make up my mind. It made me like him and the idea of being a mermaid even more. My tail appeared. It was the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen, the same shade as his eyes. I mouthed the words "thank you" to him as he saw my tail. He smiled at me as I started swimming around the pool. Logan was right beside me the whole time. We went back up to the surface and my mom was there.

"Did he show you how to activate it?"

"Yes. Was I not supposed to know?"

"You were because we are going back to the pod."


"You'll see."

Part 2: Logan

Chapter 3:

"I'm sorry, Ms. Bennett, I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to show her but I like her and I wanted her to know the truth."

"I know that. Please, call me Mindy. Look, I've made my decision. We are going back. Is there still time to reactivate my tail?"

"Yes, there is always time. You are really going back to the pod?"

"Yes, we are. Kay, leys go!!"

"Go where? Ow!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Well then, come on!"

"Okay. OW! STOP!"

"What's going on in there?"

"The doctor just stuck me with a huge needle!"

"What?! Don't let her push that plunger!"

"What's going on?"

"Tracker. We can't go back to the pod yet. They'll find the pod if we go, we can't risk it."

"I agree with Logan."

"So, what do we do?"

"We get out of here first, then change you to your true form. After that we lead them to the wrong location and scare them away."


"We have a pod to help us create a fake Poseidon to scare them away. Easy."

* * *

I don't know what to do. I really like her but, I'm not supposed to have feelings for anyone. Why do I feel this way? I'm not going to leave them; I can't leave them. All these things I thought about that night. I really don't know what to do. I can't go back to the pod like this. I am a warrior of the most powerful pod to ever exist. I can't abandon post like that. Mimi and Zack (direct descendants of Poseidon and leaders of the pod and siblings) would dismiss me from the pod. As next in line to lead my people I physically can't do that.

"Logan? You up?"

"Yeah. What's up?"

"I can't sleep. Could you tell me more about the pod?"

"I'm next in line to lead the pod. And the current leaders are direct descendants of Poseidon. The pod we are from worships the moon. My ring, it collects moonlight using the stone imbedded in the metal. The stone is from the moon and is blue because it is to be worn by people of the sea, like us. Our pod is the most powerful to ever exist."


"Watch this."


I made a water-glass mermaid for her.

"I'm tired Are you tired?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Come lay with me."


Almost immediately Kay fell asleep. When I saw the color of her tail I realized that it was the color of my eyes.

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