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A thief steals from his partners and is caught.

Roland tall and unshaven, black duffel bag in hand, satisfied he had planned his deception well drove to a motel. He had left his three partners waiting at a bus station. So sure of himself that as he signed into the dusty roadside hotel for the night, the clerk, gray haired, remarked about his apparent pleased demeanor, “Had a good day, have we?” as he handed him the keys.

Roland smiled back saying, “If you only knew, then chuckled.”

Upon entering his room he threw the black bag onto the bed and locking the door, began to complete the deception. He had everything he needed and began making up a couple of mailing boxes with which he began to stuff with unbroken bundles of fresh crisp hundred dollar bills. He was placing bars of chocolate on top of the first box which was ready to seal when there was a knock on the door. He froze. Could they have found me?-- he thought. Nah, no way, so relax, he told himself, It’s just the desk clerk looking for something. Still cautious though, he pulled the blanket back to cover the boxes and began opening the door. And as he unlocked it, it swung hard slamming into him knocking him out and on to the floor. A few moments later as his head began to clear he awoke and began recovering his bearings. Looking about the small room to see his three partners having indeed found him and the money, one even eating some of the chocolate and the biggest of the three kneeling down into his face saying sarcastically, "Well, You’re awake. ’Trust you’, you said.” Well, I can’t wait, to hear what your story is now."

Rolands’ head just fell back to the floor as he gasped his fate.

By Dayna aka Ironworker156 For the Daily Flash Fiction-12-8/19 300 words

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