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How publishing/reporting training can help improve the reputation of an organization.



Media and employee training

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How publishing and reporting the employee training efforts of an organization on media platforms can help improve its reputation and credibility


Employees or human capital is a prime assent in any business. This makes it important for organizations to invest in them for assured growth and survival of the business. Due to this reason, firms and businesses need to make sure that they obtain, and retain a committed and skilled workforce through training. This paper will analyze how publishing and reporting the employee training efforts of an organization on media platforms can help improve its reputation and credibility.

The media plays a very significant role in informing people about what is happening around them. Many employees in today's world have access to different communication gadgets meant to inform them about what is happening around them. For a business that wants to achieve its organizational goals and objectives in this era of global competition, it is always healthy to be transparent to their workers. One way of doing that is to report and publish any intended training for the workers. This is because these employees will be more motivated after learning the organization's intentions, especially through the media. Each organization should always focus on all aspects of its operations and communicate the same to the employees who are very important stakeholders in the organizations. Motivation and proper communication to the employees regarding any decision made by the management will make them feel part of the organization regardless of the channel of communication.

As organizations take the necessary steps to satisfy and assess the needs of their employees for output maximization, making them aware makes them feel like part of the organization. This is mostly done to develop and enhance the inherent capabilities of the employees. Employees' employability and potential contributions will, therefore, be made better through the provision of continuous learning and training opportunities. Other than being provided with these opportunities, they should be made aware through the media for them to be prepared and feel like part of the organization. The abilities and capabilities of employees in an organization have been seen to influence the ability to make them be goal-oriented by working towards achieving the set goals and objectives. Performance-driven workers need to be motivated for continued collaboration between the workers and the management of the organization.

Employee's training together with reporting and publishing the organization's intentions to the employees play a very significant role in sustaining the workers' performance. This has also played a very significant role in optimizing the contribution of these employees to achieve overall organizational goals and objectives. Training, in this case, maybe formal, informal or non-formal but the major aim is to motivate the employees for more output to be achieved after media involvement.


In conclusion, employee training and its reporting with the help of the media improve the organization's reputation and credibility. This because the workers will feel more motivated. The reporting and publishing will also reach other members of the society, therefore, making the organization's reputation better together with increasing the output of the workers. Reporting and publishing will make the firm or the business more transparent and this will make the workers contented.

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