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Management Functions

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Time for the Ax

Question 1: which management functions are involved in setting goals and measuring performance?

Management is a process of using the available resources efficiently combining it with the proper guidance of people to achieve the set organizational goals and objectives. The process is associated with several functions that managers must perform to set achievable goals and objectives for the organization (Ionescu, et al, 293). These functions include planning, staffing, organizing, directing as well as controlling. These are the same functions that play a very significant role in the measurement of the organization's performance in general. Managers are therefore supposed to plan, to organize, to recruit the best workers, to direct and control all the resources in the organization for the organization to achieve its organizational goals and objectives and at the same time to measure the performance of these resources (Ionescu, et al, 293).

Question 2: What are the ethical issues in this situation?

Many times managers are faced with some challenges when performing their functions. They sometimes encounter difficult situations they are supposed to handle and making some difficult decisions regarding their workers (Ionescu, et al 296). The decision made should always be not clouded by emotions and they should be transparent to the affected stakeholders. This means that in a situation like this one, where two workers have not met their target due to different reasons, the manager should make a transparent decision with no emotions attached to them. The decisions made should be based on achieving the organizational goals and at the same time putting the employees' needs and requirements at heart. The decision should be made clear to the affected workers and a valid reason for the decision should also be made available.

Question 3: what do you think most managers would do in this situation?

Managers may differently when dealing with the situation. However, most of them may tend to meet the president of the organization without the knowledge of the affected workers. It is in this meeting that the manager will try to consult and convince the president not to fire the workers. The manager will then meet the affected individuals differently and discuss with them the possible outcomes of failing to meet the target. The manager will at this point advice Jane on the advantages of being serious in her work other than being lazy and playing golf during working hours. The manager will then advice Jin on how to balance his time to meet the target and take care of his sick mother at the same time.

Question 4: What would you do?

As a manager and bearing in mind the functions of a manager, I would appreciate the workers who have met their target and motivate them to put more effort into their work. Regarding Jane, who has been going home early to play golf; I would give a stern warning and advise her to concentrate more on her work failure to which she will be fired. In the case of Jin whose performance may be as a result of his ailing mother, I would advise him to balance the working hours. I would also lower the target for him as an ethical manner of understanding his situation.

Work cited

Ionescu, Eduard-Ionel, et al. "Role of Managers in Management of Change." Procedia Economics and Finance, vol. 16, 2014, pp. 293-298., DOI:10.1016/s2212-5671(14)00804-1.

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