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by Colby
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This piece focuses on the impacts of the internet and cell phones on my town.

Colby Hastings

Prof. Singler

Composition 1: Community Writing Assignment

7 December 2019

How Cellphones and the Internet Impact Worthington

Worthington, the town I live in, is a relatively small town that lies in Southwestern Minnesota. Although located in a rural area, Worthington's community is greatly influenced by the internet and cell phones. Our community has experienced changes in our school system, social lives, and workplace occurrences since the internet and cell phones were introduced: students receive an iPad at the beginning of the school year, many people use social media apps to communicate with others, and a variety of jobs now involve the use of the internet. With most people owning a cell phone, Worthington's community has become more connected. People now text and use social media apps to communicate with one another, which has fastened the pace of life. The general increase in connections have given many people a new sense of community, and the internet has spawned multiple sub-communities that could not exist without it.

The internet has improved Worthington's school system with the introduction of online learning. Students can use their school-issued iPads to email their teachers questions and work on class material outside of the classroom. With this being the case, classes are far more versatile than they were before. Not only have the people of Worthington benefited academically from the internet, we have also benefited socially.

The internet has connected Worthington in a multitude of ways. For many teenagers like myself, communicating on various social media apps is a common occurrence. Many people stay in-touch by doing so and some people even meet new friends. Cell phones and the internet create environments for new communities to form within Worthington. The Worthington Area Swap, which is a Facebook page where people from Worthington can buy and sell commodities, is a good example of an internet-based community. Work related communities have spawned as well and the entire workforce is affected by the internet.

Overall, the internet and cellphones enhance the sense of community in Worthington and continue to create growing sub-communities.

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