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A story Of rich and poor people
Once upon a time there was a state where people were very poor.They didn't have a economy, no plan, budget, no implementation of high tech, no agriculture, and no industry.Their society was uncivilized and they were living by the weeds grew in the jungle.Once it happened that fire produced from thunder burnt all the trees were in the jungle supplied weeds.People were dying of starvation,There was no one beside them.This had also a reason that they were out of communication with the out world, because it was only an island.
So many people died for hunger, and still others were and the point of death,but they had no means to escape.One morning a strange thing happened.One baby, her condition was very critical, just a few moments away from death,she was lying on ground and looking at the sky, her eyes were to get into the coat, tears flowing from eyes going down below the ear.Suddenly millions of tons of apple and orange started falling from the sky.It seemed God heard her prayer and became kind and showed mercy.
The little black girl picked one orange up with right hand and looked at it with curiosity.He brought it in front of mouth,the smell of fresh orange induced her to bite on the orange without cleaning the skin.It produced a bitter taste but her sense told to clean the skin,and the she ate. Sweet taste with smell made her starvation more extreme.She started to collect more, and eating.She got strength, she got up and started to collect more and more.She started shouting,calling and telling everybody to pick and eat those oranges and apples in their language.Every man and women observed this strange event of falling fruits from the sky, now they started to pick them and eat as the the little girl urging.They got taste, and their starvation became extreme on stage and started to pick and eat those fruits rapidly.All of their stomach was filled,they got plenty of energy, they got well .
They were very happy for getting back their live.

From one nearest continent people came in the sea to survey hearing the news of oranges and apples falling from the sky.Somehow they heard and reached the island where this incident happened actually.Surveyers killed two men and a women when they resisted to take any sample with them for survey.They returned with the good news and a large group of labour sent there under the procurement officer in a ship to pick and load on the ship and bring the lot shipping to the continent.This continent is of different from civilization.They had everything that can be in a high civilized society.They had greed too for having everything more and more.
They started marketing those acquired fruits in the market.Rich people started buying as they were very fresh and very good.They took in packages from the shop for the family.They ate those apples and oranges whole heatedly but within an hour everyone man, women children, older became very sick.Those Apple and oranges were not usually as like those were sold in the market.Those have extra vitamin of group c.God has especially created them for the starving poor people. Because they were hungry for long time.Vitamin c 77 works that way the eater won't be vomiting for not eating anything and it will give more taste to the mouth that the eater shall eat very rapidly.But those eaters who's stomach is always filled with foods this vitamin c 77 will work like poison, because this vitamin will increase acidity to great extent which would be the cause for heart attack and death.God didn't produced this fruits for the rich people and their business.
Those poor, very simple, uncivilized people were alive again for not having the greed.That we need to remind every time.
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