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one night love affair with a witch
I was returning to my hut in the midnight time. It was the month of January, and was very cold night . My body was freezing for the temperature below 0 degree.Snow falling from the sky and darkness all around me it seemed to me like no man's land. A place too far away from the city. I hardly managed this house for myself.

There was nobody on the street, not a little sound of any living agent. Just me was walking, a torch in my right hand to light my way. Dried away trees, no leaf, only branches, was standing on two side of the road, a very scary environment!

Someone called me from behind, I ignored. But again...."Hello! Can you hear me? Can you help?"

This time I had to stop. I looked back, the voice was coming from behind and it was a lady's voice.She came forward, as I was waiting for her. She came and said, "My car's fuel is finished, so I had to walk here in search of a house, for staying only this night.Can you help anyway?"
I said slowly, "Nobody lives in this area, only I have a hut. Come with me."

She started walking with me, she was wearing no warm cloth, so I pulled off my jacket and covered her. But my body started shaking, and it became impossible to continue talking for the cold.

She was talking about herself, I took the part of a listener.Thus, we reached home. At first, I fired the fireplace to become warm again. She sat on a chair, I was looking at her for the first time in the light. She was a charming lady! she made me attracted!

I brought a bottle of wine from the backyard and poured into the glasses. After arrangement of drink, we started chatting again. I told about myself too. She was listening very carefully.

Time was passing very nicely. As the candle burnt away, our chat needed to bring to an end. Suddenly, I felt serious attraction to her. She, Angelina, sat in front of me. I hold her face and my lips took away her lips like magnet, and we became crazy......

At a stage, the candle was finished, and in darkness I took her to my bed............
The wine was heavily working in my body, I finished two glasses, I was burning.....

I can't remember how the night ended, I slept away finally.
Next morning, I woke up and saw Angelina already have taken shower and made coffee. She somehow understood that here fruits are only stuff for breakfast. So she made them cut into pieces and decorated in the plate. I too, hurriedly took bath, came out wearing my night dress. Then I came to the table for breakfast. She forwarded my black coffee, what I like very much for the morning. But a question came in my mind, how did she know that I like black coffee? I might had told her on night. To notice, I want to say I wasn't married till this time and I never spent much time with ladies. And may be for that reason she had her spell on me so active. But really there was a lot to see of spell of black magic! With wonder!

Anyway, after breakfast, she asked me to go with her to reach to the place where she left her car last night..On the way, I asked her to stay whole day but she disagreed. I was feeling addiction!

But I had to say her "Goodbye".

Here in my lonely hut, I became bored, but I'd no alternative of this life. One night company made good feeling. I was not happy for her leave. But what I could do? I had to stay alone there till I earn enough money for buying a house in the city. I had to leave a lonely life there in that 'no man's land.'

She stopped me at a stage and said I didn't need to go with her .Then she started walking alone. I Waved hand to say "goodbye!"
I was following her from back, very rhythmic walking. She turned once to see me and gave a kiss. And then I saw, the most wonderer thing of my life, no one could believe what I saw! Her hair started to become long slowly, automotive, and it tightened up two trees together ,.......".What's this.......What......Is happening....! ! ! ! !"

She pulled off two dried away trees, and threw them down on another side, and this broke another two to three dried trees at a time, with huge sound.!......I saw this, at a glance.!...I stood up there...My heartbeat was rising and body was freezing.!.....What is this ???

Did I saw this? I couldn't believe my eyes! This means Angelina was a witch! And again, in front of my eyes,.... after pulling and throwing the dead and dried trees, she completely vanished ! She ..just..

Vanished!..woh! There was nobody, none, whom I could make the witness ! Oh ! After this incident, I never saw her again. But I had to live in that place as I had no shelter in this country. And I had the scary eyes.... fearful heart......
After living there for five years time I came in the city. I had heart problem when I left the place. What a great brave man am I? ha ? I stayed five years more!!

Word count-860

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