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The heroism of the brave men on D-Day.
Seventy-seven years ago the forces of good joined together to battle against a virulent plague that was threatening to take away the liberties and freedom of the world. All men, all peoples of the free world united in the cause.
Men, young men, stood at the forefront. Brave, yet terrified of the coming onslaught, they drove forward into the maelstrom. Many, many died. Scores more wounded and maimed forever, both in body and mind.

But, they moved forward. Relentlessly they ran, crawled, and fought.
They dropped from the air like rain. They drove in from the sea like ferocious waves. On they came. With the honor of duty and to bring the fight to the plague they pushed forward and the evil retreated. Many more died. Thousands more were wounded. But, they were stronger than evil.

Their heroic sacrifice persevered, glorious victory was achieved, and wonderful, wonderful relief.

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