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A thought that delves into our fears and hatreds.
In peacetime, nothing becomes a man as modesty and humility. But, when the blast of war blows in the ears, he imitates the actions of the tiger, sinews tighten, and fair nature becomes a hard favored rage.

Shakespeare had it right Man is ready, willing, and able to fight when provoked in a correct manner. And there is any number of reasons for the provocation. A difference in the way one runs his or her life may begin the process. Or the mentality of you can't tell me what to do. Our passion for control is as egotistical as thinking we can control ourselves. There will always be a part of us pushed into the dark recesses of our minds, by our intelligence, ready to conquer reason in favor of riot.

We blame it on the devil in us but we have to take responsibility for our actions sooner or later. We cannot continue to use mythology as a scapegoat. Is it the fear of what might happen that we don't have the courage to accept the consequences? Admittedly, there are times when force is necessary. Those who do not wish to take the peaceful course must be shown the way. Unfortunately, those people usually have a populace whom they are controlling or responsible for. When the bombings or other actions start they are the more likely to be injured or killed. As a rule, they do not have the experience or resources to spend long periods without food or water. Children already displaced and hungry are made to suffer further.

Sometimes it takes an outside influence to stop the aggression and bring the factions together. Diplomacy is begun. Words are spoken, arguments raised, egos are strained, soothed and appeased. If the intermediary is lucky, the problems can be resolved. But what if those who are in conflict do not want outside interference? Would that exacerbate the problem? Would one faction tend to press harder to finish the original plan to eliminate the interference? Thereby it may cause more harm than good. Aggression swells as a tempered, angry lion rises.

Because the lion thinks he is doing what is right in his mind, he strikes out. He slashes and bites at the non-conformity until it is subdued or killed. He restores order in his own image.
What would have happened if he hadn't stood up and taken a stand against his target? Would the evolution of his species continue because he did not intervene? How would they have evolved if they had been left to their own destinies? Has this world made it to this point in time by standing aside when oppression is forced on others? Do we know the answers?

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