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A poem about man's travels through life.
Life begins in the heavens. Drifting down, it lies on the earth until the rain brings it into being.
Growing gently, it spreads over the land until every corner is screaming, Here I am!
The man then caresses the flower of life, nurturing it, teaching it the way of the future.

He creates and builds cities akin to the mountain and the river.
He pushes his way over the prairie and the water making a way for his future.
He cares for the young and elderly to preserve his way of life, for all mankind.

Reaching, stretching his fingers to the limit he explores the depths of the oceans.
Or, the infinities' of the sky.
His imagination delves into the unknown seeking out the truth of life, for all mankind.
War makes man the beast. Jealousy, hatred, racism, man creates all this within himself to keep the balance.

At times he kills indiscriminately, callously, to create fear and anger, furthering his goal.
He longs for the sweet taste of power not realizing the ending bitterness.
Yet, he will reach out with a helping hand to catch the falling, keep the sick from dying, and to teach the living.
Man's mind is boundless.

It is capable of creating or destroying a single cold thought.
It is unchangeable and changeless.
Mystical and methodical, it can move his mountains or go to the stars.
But with a single spoken or written word, it can stop the world, for all mankind.

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