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A thought for those who say, "No!"
I must have the resolve to say, 'I will not!'
The resolve to say, 'They will not!'
No one will say to me, 'You will change your life to suit me.'
'You will change your life to serve me.'
I must have the resolve to do whatever I wish.
To live where I wish, to grow a family and survive.

A shattered peace in England, a shattered peace in America, we will not falter.
People have died but there is no submission, resolve does not falter.
Destruction is not absolute. The spark of resolve builds to a blaze and rebuilds the broken lives.

The eyes of the dazed and bloodied turn to rage, we have not changed.
We will do as we wish.
We will not do as they wish.
Justice comes in many forms and will come for those who try to break our resolve.

Sanity and insanity are bedfellows, screaming ideas and ideologies at each other they try to break each others resolve.
But, resolve is the backbone of life, of civilization.
We must use it to stop them; we will use it to live.

I will not do as they want, I will never do what they need.
I will not do what they need, which is to fester and slither and spread their dark ideas.
I will do as I want, I will do as I need.
Thank the peaceful Gods for my choice.

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