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Music comes from the soul and heart.
Stand in triumph.
Listen to the mind burst forth.
Fill the chest; learn what the heart is saying.

Watch the eyes brighten and tear.
Feel the rhythm pound the chest.
Touch the wood, feel its power to guide.

Pull the bow 'cross the strings.
Listen to the senses waft skyward.
Let them fly.

Caress the ivory.
Create the strength; let the notes rise to fill the air with love.
Let the arms close and embrace the passion.

Entice the voice from the soul.
Lure it from the depths and send it bursting forth.
Send the dream of music to the mountain top and over the land.

Music knows no boundaries.
It has no borders.
It is timeless, limitless.

No language can stop it.
Hatred cannot prevent it.
It is forever.

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