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A reoccurring theme of world events.
I don't know whether it is what is happening in the Middle East but I am a little apprehensive of world events. When the U.S. liberated Kuwait in 1991, I saw in my mind a large figure in a white flowing robe standing in a desert. Could this be God telling me he was going to protect our forces? Or, was it God looking down on the war with disdain.

Now, unfortunately, I do not see the vision. Maybe it's because I'm older now and have kids. I don't know. I know the young people are oblivious to the danger that could be wafting through the air at any time. Not necessarily where I live, but the repercussions of it happening somewhere else, to other children has a dragging effect on the mind.
Maybe I am over-reacting, then again, there is always that fear any parent would feel. In contrast, I do not have the constant fear that people in say Israel have, though, the thought is ever-present.

I have experienced several instances of fear in just moving about in everyday life. Going into a store or gas station owned but middle-eastern people I see the owners treating customers with the utmost respect. When I look at their faces, I can see behind the smile a certain amount of fear. I am sure it comes from what will the customer do if he treats him badly.
I guess all my family and I can do is step back and wait. Do as I have always done and hope humanity's action does not come full circle.

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