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The title says it all.
         There are things you should buy, and there are things that you shouldn't buy at a dollar store. This hub is going to discuss some of the greatest buys at your local dollar store. It could be at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, My Dollar Store, Everything's a Dollar, or just plain Dollar Store. Which ever one it is that you choose to shop at, the bottom line here is how to stretch your hard earned dollar as far as it will go.

         The early bird almost always gets the worm. A lot of dollar stores restock late at night, so the best buys can be found early in the morning. The dollar store offers you a wide range of inexpensive household goods. At your local dollar store you can often find discounted good products at a real bargain, and you definitely want to consider buying some of these 20 things at your dollar store -

1. Socks - The socks you find on the shelves at your local dollar store can be just as good if not better than the socks you at department stores in your big box stores or malls.

2. Picture frames - The picture frames that you find at dollar stores can an excellent buy. Just make sure that you carefully check the frames out first for major defects.

3. Dishes - Dollar stores often offer a great selection of open stock dishware. These are perfect dishes for families with little kids.

4. Vases - The dollar store carries a vast variety of different styles of vases at a great price. If one dollar store doesn't have what you are looking for then try another dollar store for that special vase that you are shopping for. Also it's a great place to buy artificial flowers for your loved one's head stones in cemeteries.

5. Hair Accessories
- Dollar stores carry a wide range of combs, hair bands, brushes, hair bows, bobby pins, and hair berets at a fraction of the price that you would find at other stores.

6. Seasonal Decorations - Your local dollar stores have a big selection of holiday decorations when those seasons roll in. You can find bargain priced Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter decorations for your house at great prices.

7. Party Supplies - You can save up to five times of what you would spend elsewhere by simply buying your party supplies at a dollar store. You can pick up all of your party favors, streamers, balloons, plastic tablecloths, paper plates and cups at your local dollar store.

8. Dish towels - Both wash cloths and dish towels are great buys at your dollar store.

9. Greeting Cards - You can always find that special heartfelt message that you are looking for in your greeting card for considerable less at your local dollar store. You will always be able to find a wide selection of greeting cards for that loved one in your life for a bargain price at your dollar store.

10. Candy - Both boxed and bagged candy like you get at the movie theaters is a great buy at your dollar store.

11. Wrapping paper - Wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, and gift boxes are all great buys at your local dollar store. Something to remember about wrapping paper and it's accessories is why do you want to pay more somewhere else for something that's simply just going to end up in the trash anyway?

12. Storage Containers - You can find great deals on plastic storage containers, and storage bags at your local dollar store buys. You will end up saving a small fortune when buying your storage containers at a dollar store, but just make sure that they will all seal properly.

13. Reading glasses
- The dollar store is a great place to buy a simple pair of reading glasses, which are just as good as those found in more expensive stores.

14. Makeup - You really can get good quality dollar store makeup, and for just a dollar. The dollar store has a large selection of makeup for women of all ages at a great savings to their pocketbook.

15. Bath products - All children seem to really enjoy taking a bubble bath. The dollar store is a great place to get your bubble bath, bath oils, bath sponges, body powders, and scented soaps .

16. Glasses - Mugs and glasses are also very good buys at your local dollar stores. You also have the terrific option to buy only the mugs or glasses that you need than having to buy the whole set.

17. Cut-rate sodas - The dollar store is an excellent place to stock up on good old soda-pop. You don't have to stockpile it like the end of the world is coming as Honey Boo Boo's Mama did, but you can normally get a great deal on it when it's in stock.

18. Pregnancy test kits - Dollar store pregnancy kits are just as accurate as those at your local drug stores, and they will save you a boat load of money as well.

19. Reasonably priced prints - The dollar store is a great to find both rare and obscure prints to add to your collection. You can enhance the walls of your home for just a fraction of the price that you would have ended up spending in other high end stores. There is always a broad selection of prints available with famous prints such as Samuel Blankenburger's - "Hammerbirds".

20. Magic Beans - Don't forget your magic beans at the dollar store. Jack didn't, and if he would have we would have never had such a wonderful bedtime story as "Jack and the beanstalk".

21. Cell phone charging cords - Why pay full price for a cell phone changing cord when you can get one here for a buck.

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