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Barak Obama presidency in retrospect
This is another presidency in review, I am planning on going down the list all the way to George Washington. This is going to be trying to be unopinionated but feel free to let your opinions be known by reviewing this piece. Barak Obama’s presidency was beloved by some and hated by others. We will look at the primary elections and the generals along with his actual presidency.
In 2004 Barak Obama, put his name on the map by delivering one of the most famous speeches of all time at the DNC convention. Some say that this speech is the reason he was voted into office.
The democratic primaries consisted of 2 main candidates Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton and as Barak Obama was perceived as the moderate in this race he naturally won the primary as the democratic party wanted someone who could beat whoever the republicans voted into the general. So the stage was set for John Mccain and Barak Obama to duke it out in the general and don’t worry we need our controversy of this election and some John Mcain supporter delivers. The rundown of this controversy is that so guy in John McCain’s audience said Barak Obama was Muslim and John Mcain responded by saying he wasn’t, ok guys let’s play spot the controversy I will give you 5 seconds to guess what was controversial 5 4 3 2 1, it was that John McCain’s speech promotes hate speech in his crowds. I have no clue how they came up with that. Barak Obama ended up winning the presidency and ended up creating a few policies but let’s get into the 2012 election.
Barack Obama had to face Mitt Romney and as always stupid controversies against whoever ended up facing Obama. Joe Bidon, the vice president famously said that Mitt Romney was going to put African Americans back in change. Mitt Romney said that he had binders full of woman resumes, this was taken out of context as “binders full of woman, he is like Hannibal Lector.” Barack Obama ended up winning the election.
Finally, let’s get into the policies that Obama ended up putting in place. I will let my opinion through once I get through the facts. First policy I want to talk about is the Iran nuclear deal, the Iran nuclear deal was, in my opinion, a complete and total disaster due to the fact that it freed up spending for Iran to fund terror activities across the middle east even though it made Iran abolish its nuclear program until 2023 where they could start it right back up without consequences. Next, there is the only other piece of significant legislation that Barak Obama passed, ObamaCare. ObamaCare is indeed more reasonable than Medicare for all which is being passed around the democratic field nowadays considering that it doesn’t knock 300 million Americans off of their private healthcare and doesn’t cost more than our annual budget.
Lastly, I want to say that considering I have only been alive to see 3 presidents I feel that he is the worst president of my lifetime. I would also like to thank you all for the support on my first presidency in review of Donald Trump's presidency
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