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In a campfire
We see a wide-eyed Uxie with a bit of makeup staring at the camera "Hello kids, we have a story to tell". She put a few marshmallows on a stick and put them on the campfire.
"Once there was a boy, a boy that just wastes his life on random stuff. he decided 'well I'm bored well imma write something' he got his laptop snd started typing. He got an end result. THE END

While you are here I will tell you a feedee and feeder who is a feedee story. I have no characters nearly
"Once there was a couple who lived together. They were Uxie's but a boy and a girl. One night the boy came to her house because 'His house got broken down so he was going to live at her house permanently' so she greeted him, let him in and made him feel more comfortable than his house. She told him to watch a movie with her."

Shut up this is all you lot are getting

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