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Flash Fiction (Contest Entry)
Chris is walking the streets of New York. He spots a small crowd and walks over to have a look. There is a man playing a shell game with cups and a small yellow foam ball.

“OK, who’s next?” said the man with the cups, while sitting on the ground.

“I want to try,” said Chris.

The guy shows Chris the ball is under the middle cup. Then, he covers it up and starts to move them around. At first, he moves them slowly. A few seconds later, he moves them around faster. When the guy was done, he asks Chris to pick a cup.

You can’t fool me! I saw you palm the ball in your hand.”

“I did not. I can assure you it’s under one of those cups.”

Chris grabs the guy’s hand and opens it, revealing a yellow foam ball.

“I told you. You’re cheating. I want my money back.”

At this point, some of the people in the crowd start to leave and others begin to express anger. A police officer starts to walk over. The crowd panics and people are fleeing in every direction. In the confusion of things, Chris grabs the cup guy’s money when he is not looking, and runs off. The police officer walks up to the guy as the last person runs away while knocking over a cup.

“What’s going on over here?” asks the officer.

The guy sits in silence. Confused he looks at the ball in his hand, and the one on the ground.
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