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by CrossX
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It is the little things that, speak volumes.
Today was valentines day.

I was driving along the road and I spotted a rose garden. So I stopped. I got out of my car and crossed the road. I walked past the very tall, leafy trees that shaded an empty stone park bench.

At the entrance, I noticed a plaque on the stone wall. The words somewhat read; God made everything, for our enjoyment.

I walked along the gravel path around the garden admiring the colours and names of the different roses. I began inhaling the fragrances, the same way I used to inhale my youngest daughters newborn baby smell.

My senses awakened and happiness welled up in my heart.

Then I began to cry. I cried because for the first time in a long time I actually felt happy.

I continued walking and stopped again.

I became aware of the heat from the sun on my arms and face. It was like a gentle breeze brushing against my skin. I closed my eyes, it was almost like a touch from God!

Well, the tears began to fall like rain and for the first time in my life, I felt worthy of his love. So began my beautiful love affair with my God.

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