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Moon Phases
The moon, like life, sparks emotion in me,
That varies from time to time.
I will look up and night and look to see,
How it looks after it's night climb.

The moonlight on a clear night,
Puts joy into my heart,
The stars twinkle with delight,
To know their guardian will never depart.

On stormy nights I shiver to see,
The moon sent away as if condemned.
I hope and pray that tomorrow will be,
The time the sky jumps in to defend.

The rotten look if her face,
Does fill me with wonder.
I wish to race,
To find what lies behind her.

There are nights she can startle,
Like when she turns strawberry.
I wish to curl up like a turtle,
So the strangeness will not leave me buried.

I am small compared to her majesty,
I am flat as a pancake in agony.
But, she fuels my deepest fantasies,
As I lay down my head lazily.
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