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by CrossX
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Ideas are all put there by God.
I live in a boarding house so I regularly go across the road, to the beautiful green park. I sit under a massive leafy acorn tree on a park bench to relax and unwind.

God begins talking to my Spirit. Today it was about seeds. I happened to see a leaf falling from the tree. The wind then caught it and blew it along a little bit. I then I began to focus on the acorns on the ground and the word seeds popped into my mind.

Seeds produce life. We have all sorts of seeds throughout life. But in particular, I want to focus on our ideas as seeds. It's up to us to choose whether to grow them or leave them.

First, God gives us an idea. As we know God is the creator of all things. ( Colossians 1v16 )

If we choose to believe in that idea, it gives God the opportunity to breathe life into that idea. When we begin to step out in faith and build on it, God meets us, because faith pleases God. ( Hebrews 11v6 ) I believe the wind blowing the leaf at the beginning of this message symbolizes the breath of God. He will breathe life into that idea (if we chose to step out in faith)

Now, God is a gentleman and he will not force us to do anything or force anything on us. It is our lack of belief in our abilities and in our idea that causes it to die.

God has called us to prosper ( Psalm 1 ) ( Jeremiah 29v11 )

So if you have an idea, please don't dismiss it at as a fleeting thought, it was put there by God to prosper you.


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