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by Norman
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I've wished and wished and wished again
That cricket sang a lovely song
you may remember well.
He said your wishes would come true,
his voice clear as a bell.

Yes, Jiminy could really sing.
He wore a top hat too.
He watched out for Pinocchio
whenever his nose grew.

That cricket may have been petite
but what a soothing voice.
The only problem with that song
was picking the right choice.

What star would grant a wish for me?
There are so many there.
I’ve wished and wished and wished again.
I’ve searched most everywhere.

But I can’t find that magic star
to make my dream come true.
I’ve searched all of the galaxy.
So what else can I do?

It’s been so long since I first tried;
I’ve given up by now.
I’m just a fool for listening to
a cricket anyhow.

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