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What a life my goddesses have led me into!
I do not worship my goddesses because I have to. I have been led to them for their bravery, compassion, understanding, and love. To me, they aren’t just goddesses; they are women. Women who have gone through serious trials and tribulations, women who have screamed at the top of their lungs, and wept openly. These mighty light-bringers have died and risen up to be the guides of the world. They have tossed aside their armor and saved countless others with their mercy.

I have learned humbleness from them. I have learned forgiveness. I have learned to struggle with my goddesses at my back. And when we meet, we dance with triumph and laughter. We dance on clouds as we listen to the sweet music of sisterhood and hope. We eat in communion. I honor them with every step I take. I watch. I listen. I learn.

I live in a world of grace and love with my goddesses. I have scrubbed off my old life and come out clean for my new one. I owe them everything for this. Even in the middle of a fray I know I can count on them, and with each of their teachings, I become stronger and more ready for my next life. I am merely a woman, but with them, I am a warrior.
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