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by Norman
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My kids call me a square
My kids call me a square.
I get that taunt a lot.
While I am not the perfect shape
a simple square I’m not.

So what’s the perfect type?
What makes a dad look cool?
If there were just three sides to me
I’d certainly look a fool.

But what if I had six sides?
Or maybe even eight?
(I’m sure you must stay even
to balance out the weight.)

Or maybe I’m an oval.
I guess that could be neat.
Of course that isn’t counting
all the arms and legs and feet.

I looked into the mirror
and stared with soulful eyes.
My body is now pear shaped.
It isn’t a surprise.

But even though I’m rounded
or oval like a pear,
I know that to my children
I’ll always be a square.
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