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Mr. Owl wrote a check for hoot laryngitis research

Mr. Owl's Charity

Mr. Chalcy Owl, a great horned owl and a banker, wrote a check for hoot laryngitis research while perched in the tree hollow. "I do everything I can. It may not be in time to save my sister's throat, but it will help those in the future who can't hoot."

"You are the most generous bird in all the forest." Rex Robin, his assistant, chirped.

Blinking his rounded eye, the banker gave him guidelines on nest loans before he left on vacation. No excuses for non-payment.

Over the next weeks, Rex Robin ignored the many messages of crows, swallows, woodpeckers, and nuthatches begging for new mortgages on their nests. He dropped foreclosure letters at those nests late with their missed payments.

At the next full moon, Rex Robin awoke to a hoot. It was Mr. Owl's brother-in-law, Clarence. "There must be a mistake," Clarence hooted. "My wife, your boss's sister, is being treated for laryngitis. It has taken every cent we had. We have to have more time to pay our mortgage."

"I'm sorry. Mr. Owl gave me strict orders," Rex Robin answered. "Besides, Mr. Chalcy Owl donates generously to laryngitis research, which might cure your wife one day."

A future promise may be an empty gift today.

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