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Flash Fiction
"Don't say a word." Justin's voice was muffled inside his space suit. Barry stifled a giggle. "It's not funny. We need stuff out there and I'm gonna get it." The boots made every step an effort. "Is that shopping cart still in next doors garden?"

Barry peered out through the shutters. "Ye, it's still there. You'll have to dig it out of the weeds though."

"Harold, did you rig the scuba tanks to the helmet ok?" Harold nodded and fetched the gear. Justin placed the helmet on his head and with Harold's help strapped on the tanks. With a thumbs up Justin opened the door and headed for the stairs. The door slammed shut behind him.

Thud, whoosh, thud, whoosh, our intrepid vironaut made his way out of the building. He took his swiss army knife out of his batpack and thrashed at the weeds, freeing the cart. Thud, whoosh, squeak, the strange being headed down the road. The few people venturing onto the streets gave him a wide berth.

He made it to the store and pushed open the door. Manduli stood behind the counter, his back turned. "You know what I've come for. Whoosh. Is it ready?" Manduli turned and saw the strange apparition and started laughing. He struggled to pick up the package as he guffawed.

"One copy of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, on blueray, and one copy of The Last of Us II on PS4."

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