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Flash Fiction
"I'm afraid to look," Heather said, pulling her legs further under her. It had been almost an hour since they heard the loud 'SNAP'.

"We have to deal with it," Imogen stated. She was just a little more courageous.

"You go then, I'm staying put."


Imogen tiptoed to the kitchen door. Very carefully she turned the knob and slowly opened the door, just a crack. "I can't hear anything." She moved the door slightly further and reached for the light switch. "I can't see anything."

"We both heard it." Heather lowered her legs cautiously. "It has to be the ..." She couldn't even say the word.

"Where did we put the you-know-what?"

"Beside the fridge." Heather was now beside her flatmate. They both moved slowly towards the fridge. Looking down, they saw the wood and wire contraption, firmly closed but totally empty.

"Hehehe" a little mouse poked it's head out and sniggered.

152 words
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