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His mother is concerned and starts feeding him healthy things. What would Dr. Feedar say?
Days and days went by and all Alex had to eat were the healthy options his mother made for him and his father for dinner. Each time met with temper tantrums and even once, sent to bed without supper. That night, he would not get to sleep as he cried, and cried, and thought about all the foods taken away from him. Things between him and his mom were not the best. Then the day came when he would go see the doctor where this argument will be won once and for all. Or so they thought?

They all walk into the doctor's office to check-in. Alex was red from crying all the way there and belly empty from refusing to eat the bran cereal that his mom got for him to eat. They were taken into the office of Dr. Johnathan Feedar. A renowned nutritionist and pediatric doctor who has a long history of studying obesity. Over this time in which they were waiting to see him. Paul Honeydew was filling him in about the treatment of his son by his mother and if there was anything they could do that would allow him to eat whatever he wants and not pay any health consequences? Surprisingly, he did have an answer. He always believed that you could be fat and still be healthy but it was a hard balance to make with the current American lifestyle Alex was apart of. Until now. He had done it. He had helped create a medicine that would allow people to gain weight without the typical consequences of a life of endless hedonism. This would be the first batch of medicine that he would administer to a child. He would have to constantly monitor the weight gain progress of this child and monitor his vitals ever so ofter during the week just to make sure that nothing would go wrong. His adult patients had shown no signs of harm. Theoretically, it should also be fine for children. He would just have to make sure all of his measurements were correct for the proper dosages. The door opens, and here comes Alexander Honeydew. He really was quite a plum child. Round belly, boy boobs were starting to develop, thick arms and broad shoulders for a child his age, but he still was not as massive as his father had made him out to be. What he saw was a fair-skinned child with dark hair wearing a red shirt that was starting to ride upon his belly, and some jean shorts that looked like he would need to replace them soon.

"Well, if it isn't Alex himself! I have heard a lot about you." He comes up to shake the boy's hand but he just sits on the examination desk, still red and puffy his earlier crying. "How are you, Paul? Long time, no see." He comes up and gives the man a good bro hug and shakes his wife's hand. "Now, what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, doctor, it's my son here. I believe he is getting too big for his own health. I think he will need to be put on a weight loss plan with your supervision. Because it seems like my husband will not listen to me when I think his health is at risk."

"Well, Mrs. Honeydew. You came to the right place. I am the leading authority in childhood obesity. and I think I have a solut..."

"I don't want your stupid advice or solutions. All I want is food!!! And mom won't let me have any!!!" Alex goes into a fit of rage as he stomps around and continues to yell at the doctor. When he is done, Dr. Feedar turns to the parents and says to them, "I am an expert in dealing with children. I think I know what the problem is but I think your presence is upsetting him further. Can I ask you to leave the room for a little bit while I ask this young man some questions?"

"Well... I think w..."

"Honeybunch, I think the doctor knows what he is doing and I think we should do what he tells of us." He looks back and gives a subtle wink at the doctor and he winks back as he quickly leads his wife out of the room. Dr. Feedar has never been a fan of skinny children but he cannot go against the wishes of the boy's parents. If he wants the boy to gain weight, then he will need to be sneaky about what prescriptions to give him to gain the most weight possible.

As his parents leave the room, he goes over to console the crying child. "Now, now, Alex. I'm not going to make you lose weight if you do not want to, but I still have to honor your parent's wishes."

"But, I like my belly!!! All the healthy my mom makes me eat is gross and I don't want too!! I want to eat pizza, ice cream, mac and cheese and, and now you are going st starve me to death..." Alex starts to well up in tears again. His round belly jiggling as he takes in sharp breaths trying to hold back tears.

"Now hold, on. What did I just say? You are not going to lose weight. I may accidentally write the wrong prescription, Which may have some "weight gaining" side effects. And you will continue your diet as usual and trust me, you will see the results. Alex starts to simmer down from his tantrum as Dr. Feedar starts explaining al that he will do to "lose weight" and all the food he would have to eat in his new diet plan for him. It making Alex's stomach rumble just thinking about all the food that he can eat. "Now, in order for this to work, I need to take some measurements from you.

Alex steps toward Dr. Feedar and over to the wall to take his height. "Ok, 48 in. Now step to the scale." He steps over to the scale and the electronic number settle on 95 lbs. Wow. That is a big number for your age. Are you sure that you want to gain more?"

Alex looks ecstatic about the number readings. "Yea, as long as I get to eat, I don't care how big I get!"

"Good," Says Dr. Feedar. "We wouldn't want that belly to go away, now would we?" He pokes his belly, and it swooshes up and down from the poke. I am going to take a few more measurements and then your parents can come back in. He starts measuring the different parts of his body. His rotund belly, his thick arms, and his softened chest, and growing love handles.

He then opens the door and motions his parents to come in. He takes a moment to figure out if he wants to continue to be sneaky or not. He decides to do that latter. "Despite the original protestations from your son. I have seemed to convince him to lose weight." He gives a subtle wink at Alex. "Furthermore, to not upset him further, he will continue his diet as normal as if he is not even trying to lose weight. Thanks to the power of medicine, he can eat whatever he wants and not gain a single pound." Alex had never smiled more now than he has in his entire life. Dr. Feedar continues,"Losing weight should be fun for children and my new diet and medicine should work like a charm. Be sure to pick up this prescription right in the clinic pharmacy when you leave. The sooner the better. Make sure he eats a large meal fit for adult-sized portions meal for dinner tonight to get the medication working properly. Also, I will have him come in every other week to measure his progress and to make sure that everything is working properly." He writes down and signs the prescription and hands it to his parents who blindly accept the advice given by this doctor. They are just about to leave and go out of the door. "Wait!" They all turn around. "I only save these for my most special patients and I think you deserve one for being such a good sport." Dr. Feedar leaves the examination room and goes to his office and gets out a very large 4" across in diameter lollipop. "This is just for you. Don't forget what we talked about!"

The family leaves the room and Alex content with his lollipop ever salivating, waiting for his next meal. They go up and pick up the prescription from the pharmacy.

His dad, who was very happy at the doctors advise, " Well, Alex. Where do you want to go to eat tonight for dinner? You were such a good boy today." They get into the car thinking about what his next big meal is going to be.

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