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The place of my accomplishments
Welcome to my Journey of 2020.

The goal of this project is to show myself that I can complete the goals that are made by me and for me. This is a group effort in that I'm apart of "Destination: Goal Zone and I will welcome their support and guidance.
This field manual will house everything I've done for the year within drop notes for each month.

Objectives for 2020
1. Write 2K words each week.
2. Read a book a month

3. Personal Goals

NOTE: While everything in this specific item will be rated G. I want to warn the reader if they so choose to take a look at the "Class Stories" you will need to be over the age of 18 as that book is rated for adults.




*CheckG* April



NOTE: It's been approximately 6 months since beginning this endeavor to accomplish some goals that I want to finish. An update on my personal goals.
Personal Goals Revisited

*CheckR* *CheckG* July

*CheckR**CheckGr* August

*CheckR* September

*CheckR* *CheckGr* October

*CheckR* November

*CheckR* December

3. Personal Goals Revisited

End of Year NOTES
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