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Nothing can go wrong- right? Lesson 1 Evoking emotions
"Good to see you again. Have a seat," Gail greeted as he extended his hand.

"Thank you. What do you want to do today after we finish eating?" Braille sat down right next to wall on the booth.

For a month they had been going out on a date to get to know each other more. Braille just wants to be closer to him each and every single day, spending as much time with him as possible. She loved the flowers he brought to her each day they walked past each other on their way to work and cherished every moment. Sometime they would sneak in a kiss as they passed each other by.

Braille wanted to become a teacher for blind students and teach how to read Braille. Ever since she started high school she started studying the alphabet and numbers and taught herself on how to read with her fingers. She can't wait for classes to start soon. Her red hair, green eyes, and dark skin thrives in the sunlight.

Gail, on the other hand, is interested in the weather. Ever since middle school he had been studying weather and how the climate works. He's grown pretty good at predicting what will happen based off of the patterns and changes he studied about. He would also love to have a chance to do something special, big or small. His white skin, hazelnut eyes, and blonde hair blends in with the crowd.

Both of them believes in democracy. The people should make the decision. For education, everyone needs it. They are also prolife and against abortions. They support their own country as well as their favorite country to go visit on vacation. With a hobby of hiking as well as reading, they love going to the park together just so they can lay down on the grass and read their ebook until the battery runs down. Then they go home so that they could do it again.

"This meal is as good as any. So, what do you say about going to the movie together? I love watching just about anything and it could also be fun to watch horribly made movies as well," Gail spoke up after finishing his sandwich. He longed to be able to wrap his arms around her just like he usually does before saying goodbye.

"Oh, sure. There hasn't been any movies of interest lately but you're right. Even a horrible movie could be a funny experience as well. So, what does your phone say about when the next movie is?"

"One hour from now The Joke is on Us will start playing. It seems to have a lower rating than the others, but just might be okay for this day. Certainly a lot of empty seats can be expected."

"Let's do that then. Yes, doesn't sound very appealing but then none of this week's movies listed are appealing either."


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Prompt: Date night, evoke emotions
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