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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2218642
Here lies the man who wears the crown
As I lie sleepless in our bed
A hundred thoughts swirl in my head
A thousand replays fill my mind
Some are bad but most are kind

While you lay calmly in your sleep
Your eyes are closed in dreams so deep
You’re not aware of my poor plight
Or that I was awake all night

I haven’t slept at all for days
I’ve walked around like in a daze
I feel so tired and so weak
It is an effort just to speak

You may look and wonder why
But if you’d asked I’d tell a lie
I haven’t wanted you to know
I didn’t want my pain to show

The tests they took were positive
I don’t have very long to live
I’ve tried to shield you from the worst
I’ve tried to cover up my curse

My days are numbered, that’s for sure
I cannot do much anymore
My health is failing very fast
I fear this day might be my last

There’s just one thing before I go
Something you might like to know
Remember all those times you quit?
When you just had enough of it?

Each crossword you did not complete
Each time you knew that you were beat
Well, I completed every one
Yes, I made sure each one was done

You always thought you were so smart
But I was sure deep in my heart
That I was more astute than you
And I did things you could not do

So I will give you words to save
To fill the stone above my grave
“Here lies the man who wears the crown
The Crossword King of world renown”

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