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by Norman
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I should have stayed home
There’s traffic, traffic everywhere,
I can’t go for a drive
without it taking half the day
until I will arrive.

So why are all these people here
Just clogging up the lanes?
Now even a short auto trip
is such a mighty pain.

I should have stayed and watched TV,
forgot about the car.
Instead I’m sitting here like this,
not getting very far.

Hey, maybe I’ll give up the car,
exchange it for a bike.
Or buy myself some sturdy shoes
and go out for a hike.

And now it seems I’m out of gas,
I can’t go anywhere.
I’ll have the push this hunk of junk.
That’s just my luck, I swear.

If I had any sense I’d move
to somewhere far away,
where they don’t have a need for cars,
not any single day.

A tropic island in the sun
with palm trees in the sand.
And all I’d need are some flip-flops
to travel cross the land.

Well, I can only dream, of course;
I’m stuck here with this heap.
Here comes a cop car, flashing lights.
Looks like I’m in it deep.

I don’t have an insurance card.
My license has expired.
The registration is no good.
I had the car hot-wired.

Well that takes care of that, I guess.
The car, of course, is lost.
And I am locked up in a cell;
that joy ride had a cost.

I guess that I’ll be stuck in here
but I don’t give a damn.
I’d rather spend my time in jail
than in that traffic jam.
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